Trigger an Animation in Storyline

Sep 29, 2012

Has anyone figured out how to trigger either a screen animation or an object animation in Storyline? This would be best on a variable value.

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Jan Davino

Kevin Thorn said:

Hi "ID"

Are you wanting to trigger these animations based on a cue point in the timeline?

One way is to set the animation you want to occur using a cue point on the timeline. Simply slide it's starting position to a point on the timeline when you want it to occur.

If there is more to your setup that I assume, here's another approach:

  1. Create a shape/object and place it off the stage.
  2. Create a new state for the object. Give it any name and maybe change the color.
  3. Set a cue point on the timeline where you want an onscreen animation to occur.
  4. Set the shape you created to start on the timeline at that same cue point
  5. Set a trigger to change the shape's state to Normal
  6. Set a trigger to Start Media (animation) when the state of the shape changes.

The above works well with media such as video and audio, but if it's animation actions using Storyline's tools, manipulating the timeline might be the best option.

Good luck.

It would be very helpful to see a screen print of these settings.  Trying to build this and not being succesful.  Thanks!

Natasha Bomba

Ok. This all seems super complicated but I'm trying to figure it out. I am in SL2. I've created two layers. On the base layer the shape flies in from the left. The user should then click the shape to trigger layer one, where the animation should make the shape fly out. When it goes to layer one, nothing happens. I modified my trigger just to see if it was actually working by changing the colour on the shape in layer one. That works fine. It just seems like the exit animation won't start. What am I missing here?

Michael Hinze
felisha johnson

Hi all,

Trying to think of a way to do this with motion animation. I want a cluster/panel of images image to move incrementally (to the left) as the same button is pressed.

See attached a quick example. I would group the objects and then apply a motion path to the group. The motion path is set to Relative Start Position and is triggered by click a button.

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