Trigger and Variable Combo Issue

Mar 28, 2018

Hello Everyone!

As part of an interview training program I am putting together, I have a slide (attached) where I have 18 potential questions for the interviewer to ask.  10 of those questions are not appropriate interview questions.  I want to assign a "Strike" to the user every time they select one of those 10 questions (up to 3 strikes).  For some reason I can't get it so that it assigns the strikes 1 at a time as they select each of the wrong responses.  I put in a variable (716Strike) that I have triggered to assign "1" every time the state of one of the 10 questions changes to visited.  For some reason, the first 2 strikes are assigned at the same time.  I'm sure I'm overthinking this or something.  Any help is appreciated.  My Storyline file is attached.  

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