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May 22, 2018

I want to play Audio 1 first. This is a narrator introducing the project. It then directs the users to click on 2 characters. The female character play Audio 3 and male character is Audio 4. Once both 3 and 4 have been played I would like Audio 2 to automatically begin. 


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Mike Enders

Hi Tami,

Assuming that the user can click the characters in either order, you'll need to trigger "Audio 2" to play after the media of the last character to be clicked has completed. Of course, we have to have some means of assessing that the audio for both characters has already been played. I'd do this:

1. Create a T/F variable for each character's audio file. I'd set them as False to start (in my head I think "True or False, has the audio played yet?").
2. Create a trigger (for each character audio file) that adjusts the associated T/F variable to True after the media completes (or when the user clicks the character, you'll need to decide what works best for your approach).
3. Create a trigger to play Audio 2 when the media completes for character 01 audio if both variables are = true.
4. Create a trigger to play Audio 2 when the media completes for character 02 audio if both variables are = true. 

I hope this helps. I've attached a sample file to demonstrate. 




Tami Newcomb

That's so strange...I can hear yours but when I select preview on the first attachment I didn't hear the final narration. I tried clipping it to show you but I can't get the sound recorded on this computer and I don't know how to manipulate the mic. I have attached my story. I appreciate you offering to take a look at it.

Thanks so much!


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