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Hi I'm working on a game piece in articulate. My goal here is to have someone choose from 1 of 5 houses. When they choose that house though, I want that house to show up in the rest of the slides. So each slide thereafter would have 5 layers but the only layer that would show is the one that they chose at the beginning.

Is it possible to trigger a certain layer in another slide further down the track, by click on a certain button in a previous slide. 



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David Artale

I'm actually still have trouble. So my first image is flat so I'm adding hotspots on top of certain houses so the user can click. 

Now what I want is so when the user clicks on one of the houses and proceeds to the next slide, it activates the layer on which house was picked. So for example if the person clicked on the Dark Blue house to the left on the next slide and continuing throughout the course this house would show up.

As I put it on a separate layer. 

Is this possible?

Thank you!! 

David Artale

So here is a rundown of how I was my articulate game to go:

You have to pick 1 of three 3 neighborhoods. 

In each neighborhood there are 3 houses to choose room.

After you pick a house it will go through certain steps

construction, renting, leasing, etc.

I want it so once you pick a house it activates a specific layer on each of the following slides

construction, renting, leasing throughout the rest of the game. 

Is this possible and is it also possible to start off with money and track money spent

throughout the game?