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May 22, 2017

Check out the attached "concentration game" I am trying to build. I cannot figure out when a card title text (initial state is called "backside") is clicked and a second card title is clicked (and it is not the match) the feedback rectangle shows the "mismatch" state, and then both card titles return back to their "backside" state. Any help is truly appreciated!

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John Hall

Thanks so muck Alyssa for your help! I am working on another "card game" attached. I cannot figure out what triggers I need (on the base layer or correct layer?) that shows the custom layer (has a Draw button on it :) after the correct card is dropped on the question card... I do not want to use the submit button... no scoring or tracking needed... and the incorrect answers snap back to their original position.

Ben Sewell

Hi John,

Try creating a transparent rectangle over the top of the question card, then do the following:

Show layer Correct, when Object dropped on Card 2 Face 2 (<shape you created>)

The reason I use the shape is that you cannot drop onto a group, so while you can group things, putting the actual target over the top, with a 100% transparency setting, is usually pretty handy. You can also do this on the cards themselves, by dropping a rectangle on top of the group, allowing you to grab them anywhere.

Kevin Thorn

Hi John,

Just need to add one trigger to make this work.

Action: Show Layer

Layer: Correct

When: Object dropped on

Object: Card 2 Face 2

Dropped on: Question Card Face

The freeform interaction takes care of the rest for snapping incorrect dragged items back to their start point. 

Hope this helps. Updated file attached.

maria casby

Alyssa, I am new to storyline, but am finding that many of the demos including the matching game you provided a link to won't open in my chrome browser.  Everyone else seems to see the demo, according to the comments, but I have run across this problem several times in the past few days.  Clicking your demo link brought me to

where I saw an only an outline of the game.  Is this something on my end?

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