Trigger Error

Sep 12, 2023


I am attempting to create a trigger where, once all variable states are true/normal, the next arrow will change state from hidden to normal.

I have made an attempt, (see attached file) but there seems to be something I'm missing. All the variables work as expected but for some reason the next arrow won't change state.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Judy Nollet

Because everything is happening on one slide, you don't need to use variables. And you don't need to use separate objects and triggers for the checkmarks.

Slide 1 in the attached file shows what I mean.

  • The checkmarks have been pasted directly into the Visited states of the icons/pictures. 

Note: Visited is a built-in state, so no triggers are needed to change an object to that state. The object will change automatically when it is clicked. 

  • The triggers to show the parts of your next arrow run when all of the icons are Visited.

Slide 2 shows a quicker change. Instead of changing the next objects to Normal when the checkmarks = Normal, the triggers run when each checkmark is not Hidden. That makes it work. (It can cause issues to run a trigger when an object's state = Normal, because each state has a bit of Normal.) 

FYI: In both of the edited slides, I deleted the audio and adjusted the position of the icons on the timeline, so they appear much sooner. That was just done so I wouldn't have to wait for the audio when testing the triggers. 

By the way, there are times when variables are helpful for controlling a button. This post has more info: TIP: Controlling the NEXT Button 101 - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes