Trigger help please

Dec 15, 2019

I am having to edit a course I didn't create.  

Basically it consists of different levels of information, and each level has to be visited before completion.  But there is one level, that if they go straight to that and complete, they get taken straight to the full course completion page.  

I know it is a trigger thing but I just can't work out what instructions to give.

I would really appreciate some help


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Natalie McConnell

Hi, the issue is if they go to the Bar area of the course and work through the Host Responsibility Questions and go to 4.5 Host Responsibility they get taken to 3.1 Paper Chase Complete.  But they may have not necessarily have done the other parts 







I hope this makes sense

Regards Natalie


Najam  Fazal

In Slide 4.5, the trigger on Next1 button is set to jump to 3.1 Paper Chase slide that's why it is going to that slide no matter what. Instead it should be jumping to 1.6 Slide (The Elevator), so change this to jump to 1.6 slide.

You can see in 5.12 slide where it correctly jumps to elevator 1.6 slide on Next1 button trigger

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