trigger layer to appear from timeline on base layer

I know I should know how to do this, but I can't find the right tutorial and it's driving me crazy so I thought I'd just ask how I trigger a layer to appear from a cue point on the base layer.

Also, my audio shows up on my base layer when I first insert it, but then after I used the audio editor, it just shows up as "recorded" and I can't see my actual audio input anymore, and it doesn't play the actual audio when I hit the play button on the timeline, it just moves.

Grateful in advance for any help!!!


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Mike Enders


Inserted audio will change to "recorded" when you target it with a trigger.  It appears you've got a trigger to play the audio when the audio completes.  As for the triggering it....

Add a shape to your slide and move it off screen.  Adjust it on the timeline to where you want the audio to start playing.  

Now, add a trigger that says play media (your audio file) when the timeline starts for that object.

Hope this helps!