Trigger layers not working in video with controls

Hello all, 

I am working on my first project in Storyline. 

I have a button that triggers a layer with information at a certain point in the timeline. It works fine in preview if I don't have the video controls showing, but it doesn't if they are showing. I would like learners to be able to go back in the video to review information as I will also be adding in some quizzes to the video. I'm a newbie, so am I doing something wrong? Will it not be possible for learners to have control of the timeline of the video? 

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Lauren Connelly

Greetings Lisa!

Great question! You can trigger actions for the timeline itself but not for the video timeline. I'd recommend adding triggers that are based on the slide timeline.

I've created a sample file for you to take a look at. The first scene uses layers, and the second scene uses lightboxes.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Lisa!

You can unlock that design with our good friends, variables and conditions. Here's the change I made to Lauren's file above:

  1. Add two True/False variables: Interaction1 and Interaction2 and set the default value to False.
  2. On the first layer, add trigger: Set Interaction1 to value True when the user clicks Button1
  3. On the second layer, add trigger: Set Interaction2 to value True when the user clicks Button2
  4. On the base layer, add trigger: 

    Hide layer Layer1 when the timeline reaches 2s on the condition that Interaction1 = True

  5. On the base layer, add trigger: Hide layer Layer2 when the timeline reaches 4s on the condition that Interaction2 = True

Sample the published output here, and explore the updates in the attached file.

Let me know if that could work with your design!