Trigger "Links" Disappearing

Aug 20, 2018

Hi everyone,

I Googled pretty extensively and didn't see this come up at all, but thought I'd ask the Forums before submitting a case. I have a really HUGE file that I'm working on, and for some reason my navigation triggers keep losing their slide references. I have programmed them three separate times. For some reason, when I open my file the triggers at the end of every single section will say "Jump to unassigned" instead of referencing the slide that I'd previously chosen. 

I know this isn't an issue of copying and pasting triggers (the only other instance I found in my Google search that was similar to my issue) because I manually selected every single trigger twice already. This course is 60-90 minutes and has eight different "paths" that dictate navigation at the end of 12 sections, so you can imagine how time consuming it is to manually select all of the slides for each trigger. It's an enormous effort. I do NOT want to have to do it again.

I've been working in this software since about 3-4 months after the first Storyline came out, and I work in it every day. This is probably not going to be an issue of me not knowing what I'm doing... just as an FYI in case you're thinking I'm just new to the software and don't know the basics. :)

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Sarah Newman

Hi David,

This definitely isn't an issue of cutting and pasting slides. The course is in near-final form, so I'm just making minor content edits on the slides themselves, not moving things around or adding new slides anywhere. I also don't make it a habit of copying and pasting slides anyway... I try to use team slides to insert a brand new slide rather than copy and paste something I created elsewhere in the project.

Hopefully getting the newest update will fix this issue. I'm working with our IS folks to get the update later today, so my fingers are crossed. Typically the links weren't edited recently, so I'm guessing the issue is actually related to the auto-save feature and working on our server. I submitted a case for this and was told that working on a server isn't recommended. I've been doing it since Storyline came out and never had this happen before, though, which makes me skeptical. Perhaps this saving issue combined with working on a server is the culprit? I'll update here once I've gotten the update and given it a week or two. The lost slide links happen every 1-2 weeks rather than in a couple of hours, so I'll have to keep an eye out over a longer period of time.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sharon!

I'm sorry you're running into an issue with links in Storyline! I've opened a case on your behalf with our Support Engineers. You should've received an email confirming the case and an upload link. If you can, upload either the .story file or a screenshot/screen recording to help us get started. I'll keep an eye on the case to see what the snag is!

Marissa Sliggers

Has anyone found a fix for this issue? We are experiencing a similar problem. For our customer, we have to make multilanguage modules. 

We usually import the second language and "branch" the e-learning. 

However, sometimes - not every time - in 1 language, all triggers are set to "unassigned". 

Is this related to what is described above? And what is causing this? How can you prevent this? It is an enormous effort to manually relink all the triggers to their related objects. 

We are fairly new to the software, so it could be something very simple that we are missing.