Trigger Malfunctioning

Jan 06, 2017

I've created this intro for my company.  When I go through each tab in order, the last tab shows the TERMS layer no matter what layer I've assigned it to show.  I originally had a different topic as the last tab and deleted that button entirely and moved everything down and now the new last topic (GROWTH) does the same thing.

This only occurs if I go to the TERMS tab and applicable layers first.  If I go out of order, everything runs smoothly.  

This only occurs in the published Story_HTML5 version.  During the in software preview, everything runs correctly

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Analie

I've published and tested your SL2 project and see the same behaviour as you with the html5 output.

I opened the project and viewed in SL360 (which previews in html5) and it behaves correctly. I also published to html5 and uploaded to my web server and it behaves correctly.

I imported your SL2 file into a new project file. published to html5 and uploaded to web and it is behaving as it should...check it out here. I've attached the story file for you.

Hope that helps

Wendy Farmer

Hi Analie

I downloaded your newest file, published it to html5 and uploaded to my webserver.  I am not getting the error you describe when clicking the AB Growth button...I get this layer regardless of whether I do the buttons in order or out of order.

Can you access this link and see if it behaves as expected.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Analie

maybe it's time to get Articulate involved then - log a support ticket.

I just tested your file on my webserver (see video attached) and it is returning all layers as expected. I did each tab in order and viewed all layers.

Sorry I can't help anymore - I'm working from your newest file you imported the slides into.

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