Trigger on state object only works 50% of the time

I've created a menu which shows when a burger icon is selected. I've attached a snip, which shows the 'selected' state of the burger icon. 

The issue I'm having is that the buttons only function every other time they are used. They alternate between closing the menu, and functioning as intended.

Any ideas why this is?


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Luke Mosse

HI there

I can't share the file, unfortunately.

The 'selected' state of the burger icon includes the 4 buttons, which have
triggers attached to them and are pasted into the state.

I haven't used layers because of the conflicts that arise between layers
which switch other layers off - the menu needs to be used throughout the
module including on slides where there are layers using the 'Hide other
slide layers' checkbox.

Phil Mayor

It would be better to use layers, triggers are not meant to be inside states and there are quite a few reports when an update breaks this behaviour.

Typically for a menu I would add a slide master layer and call that by incrementing a variable. If you set the layer not to hide other objects it should be fine.