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May 01, 2013

Hi Heroes,

I have a slide where there are (7) textboxes that trigger to seven different slides for more information on that topic. ( I thought about using layers but couldn't figure that out right now.)  After the information is presented on that slide the user answers questions in a question bank and then goes back to the slide with the 7 textbox triggers to continue their learning.  After all 7 text boxes have been visited, I need my continue button to appear.  How do I make that button appear on the slide after all seven topics have been visited.  The order users visit the additional information is not important.

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Mike Enders


The easiest method is to simply start your continue button in a hidden state and then trigger it to change to normal once all of your buttons are in the visited state.  (see attachment).

If you'd like more control (for example, you want them to have to finish a section, finish the quiz, etc.), then you'd create a True/False variable for each section, (say they start as false), adjust the variable for that section to True after they complete the section, and then on the main slide,  trigger the continue button to normal after all the variables are True.  


Mike Enders


Once you get the "language" down, the possibilities really open significantly.   A cool to think about Storyline....

1. Tom likes to use the phrase "What do you want to do, When do you want to do it?"  It's a great way to think about the action.

2. To then get more defined you can use: "Action, Target, When, What, If"

So you start off by saying what you want to have happen and when.  Put it in your own words...don't worry about Storyline right now. So go big picture like Tom suggests.  "What do you want do (or have happen)...When do you want to do it?"

Your words from the post:

"After all 7 text boxes have been visited, I need my continue button to appear"

Awesome, you've almost nailed step #1.  One slight change...we're going to flip the order....From When, What, When.

"I need my continue button to appear....After all 7 text boxes have been visited"

Let's look at your the first part of your statement "I need my continue button to appear" 

So, I want something to appear.  In my mind, that means it has to start off hidden so that it can suddenly appear at some point. Now, if I'm new to Storyline  I need to know that I can start something off "hidden" by setting it's initial state to "hidden".  No tricks for that, it's just something I have to pick up and learn about states.  But...once I get that down, I can focus on making it appear.  So let's go to our Trigger Wizard and look at the actions.

ACTION:  Change state of  (Change the state of what? our Target)

TARGET: Continue Button (when should we do that?)

The second part of your statement.... "After all 7 text boxes have been visited."

See, by flipping the statement to What fits the trigger wizard.

WHEN:  State of (state of what?)

WHAT:  Button 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07  are visited

(In this case, we don't need the "if", that's for another day!)

So as you approach other problems...see if this process helps you get started.  If not, we'll be here to help!


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