Trigger to Initialise/Reset ALL Variables in Storyline 360

Sep 11, 2018

I've been building an interaction today that uses a lot of variables. There's a point in the interaction where the learner has the chance to reset everything and I've had to add a LOT of triggers to reset the variables.

With this in mind I came up with a new feature request. It would be great if there was a trigger to reset either all developer-created project variables (obviously excluding Storyline's system variables) and/or have a check list of variables used in the project where a developer can specify which variables they want to reset via a trigger, i.e. reset variable X, Y & Z when button clicked, timeline starts etc. I believe this would save developers a lot of time and would help keep this element of a build clean.

I've requested the new feature here, if anyone else likes the sound of this I encourage you to do the same thing.

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Robert Auchenpaugh

Thank you for the response, Kelly.

The course/activity I was referring to is one where the user has to make a number of choices regarding options to offer a customer, after first reading the scenario and then choosing which probing questions to ask the customer based on the details in the scenario. Then they choose individual business options to offer based on the questions they chose and the answer the customer responds with in the simulation. That takes them to a review page where they can see all the options and it shows them which ones they they can review and change the options before submitting. Each of these steps involves a number of variables - mainly true/false but also some related to scoring that are numerically weighted related to which options they choose...some give more points and if they choose ones that aren't appropriate it takes away points. All of this interaction and scoring is driven by manipulating variables.

I would love to create additional activities like this but the resetting of things between scenarios and to reset everything for the user to run it all again is just so time intensive. Obviously I'm not a programmer (or I would have come up with some JavaScript way of doing it probably) so I know I tend to think things are easier than they probably are... but, since all the variables exist in a table with the default values stated, it does seem like a trigger to reset them all to the default value just wouldn't be that hard to do.

Thanks for your consideration.


Alex Connor

Hi Kelly,

Given the length of time since this was opened and my original upvote in 2019, I'm curious to the development strategy here... this is a basic feature that if given to the right member of the development team could be built in a day to be tested and released in as little as a single cycle.

Panel options:

Function to reset all with option for excluding selected variables which appears as a selection box or formula bar to list variable names to be excluded

user assigns action to button which if clicked:

1. identify all variables (minus those that have been excluded)

2. reset values to default

5 years on with 52 comments... what is the criteria that this feature suggestion is clearly falling shy of and what prevents it being delivered??

Please and thank you


Michael Marcos

Hello Alex, 

Thanks for chiming in and for sticking with us through the years! I reviewed the thread and understand that a feature like this would be helpful, most of the ideas on these forums are. 

Although I can't speak to how easy or difficult of a lift this request is since I am not a developer, I can tell you that we are keeping track of this. This feature does look like it has a large following with 35 unique non-staff users in this thread. We take user volume into consideration, we also use this to evaluate how well this compares to other feature requests. Compared to other popular requests the number of folks requesting for a reset all variable trigger is considerably smaller. This isn't the only factor we take into consideration, and you can glean more information of our feature request management here.