Triggering Branching Over

May 25, 2017

Interactive Question.

This number 3 needs to count down to 2 after the user is done clicking through (a, 1, 2) and then down to 1 when the user clicks through (b, 1) and then down to 0 when they click through (c, 1, 2) …and then the same interaction if the user clicks out of order too. And then the same effect for multiple scenes.

 let me know if anyone knows anything about this!

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Walt Hamilton

Set a Variable to 3

When the user finishes a2, or b1, or c2, use the trigger "Adjust variable subtract value 1"

When the user returns to 3, Change the state of 3. You can show the value of the variable by using a text box with %Variable% in it. If you don't like the way that looks (and a lot of folks don't,) you can create the 3 with State1, State2, and State3. Use triggers when the timeline on that slide starts: "Change state of 3 to State3 when timeline starts", then "Change state of 3 to State2 when timeline starts on condition Variable = 2", then "Change state of 3 to 1 when timeline starts on condition Variable = 1"

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