Triggering - Grouped Text Boxes + Text Bubble

Hello elearning Heroes!

I am "triggered". I cannot seem to get my  Grouped Text (two text boxes grouped inside) to serve as an object - for which I am attempting to Trigger states to "Show" upon clicking the Submit button. I have tried 1000 different ways. Initally the Text boxes were grouped to a caption box - then I tried to a rectangular box. . . . Looking for HELP!


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Walt Hamilton

There is an old saying in the theater: "Anyone who puts kids or animals on the stage deserves what happens to them." That means that no matter how well-behaved, or well-trained you think they are, at some time they are going to revert to their true nature, and you can only hope it doesn't happen during a performance. The SL correlation is: "Anyone who uses groups deserves what happens to them." That means that no matter how well-behaved or how well-trained you hope they are, groups don't play nicely with anything, and especially not states, clicking on, and triggers. Sooner or later, you are likely to have problems with them.

I used a group in SL once, and it worked the way I wanted. I think it was in 19... No, wait. I'm thinking of another program, Maybe ... Well, it doesn't matter; the point is that groups don't work in SL. Pretty much you can use groups, or you can have triggers and states that work, but not both.

There are a lot of ways to do this without using groups, and they all work. As you know, there are a1000 ways to do it with groups, and none of them work.

In the attached sample, the text on the left has the second text created with an animation, and pasted into the Normal state. The one on the right uses two separate text boxes. It has the disadvantage of requiring more work, and having more objects, but does give you the advantage of being able to delay the appearance of the second text.