Trigger: 'X seconds before media completes'?

Feb 22, 2020

Few people stay in the theatre until all the credits have rolled. :) *

I have some videos that I don't want to trim, but that I don't want to require people to watch until the bitter end. 

Experimenting with the timeline isn't working, and several workarounds have been tried, but I can't find a way to set a trigger that shows completion of a slide 'X seconds before media completes.' 

The option that comes to mind is to add another media file X seconds shorter than the video, and base the trigger on that, yet I can't think of a way of tying the two media together.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

* I'm one who does, but I've always known I'm a bit odd that way.

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Walt Hamilton

It seems to me to be a lot of work to add another video, the exact amount shorter, and stop the slide at the end of it.

Two ways that are easier come to mind:

Start a new slide at the moment the video starts, and don't allow the user to fiddle with the movie controls, only the slide timeline. Then set completed at a certain point in the timeline.

Trim the video. At the end point, give completed credit, and the option to continue , which would jump to another slide that has the trimmed portion.

Allan Dunlop

Thanks, Walt! Here's what I've done with this.

I used the play/pause toggle method laid out by David Anderson (very helpful), and added some additional steps:

1) extend timeline to length of video (here, 158 seconds)

2) set slide completion time (for this example: 10 seconds -- I'll set it to 148 seconds)

3) add triggers:

'Pause timeline when timeline starts'

'When user clicks play button / change state of play button to hidden / change state of pause button to normal / resume timeline on slide / play video'

'When user clicks pause button / change state of pause button to hidden / change state of play button to normal / pause timeline on slide / pause video'

It's working perfectly now. I've attached the final version for reference, in case this can help others.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Everyone,

I have some good news! 

We just launched the newest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.38.21779.0) this morning, which brings the Jump to Time Trigger! This feature allows you to create unique interactions by using triggers that jump to different times or cue points on the timeline. For more details on this, please check out this knowledge base article

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion, or you can contact our Support Engineers directly.

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