Triggers and Keyboard Accessibility

Jun 30, 2014

Can anyone figure out how to open this menu using the keyboard?  Using a mouse is not an option -- I'm building a macro to automate a repetitive process (closed captioning a la Steve Flowers) and if I have to use the mouse I might as well ditch the macro.

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Sharon Huston

Thanks, Ashley -- that helped.  I'm close now.

I can click the first trigger (I can live with one click) then

 - tab twice and press enter to open the context menu

 - tab 5 more times and paste my caption in the VALUE blank

 - tab another 5 times to the OK button and press ENTER to close the menu

 - then tab 9 times to move to the next trigger on the list in preparation for opening the context menu again

and then it breaks.  The tab key, at this point, is all about moving through the trigger list.  I can't figure out how to use the keyboard to make Storyline realize I want to work with this specific trigger, and open the context menu again. 

It might not be possible.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

You're looking to edit the triggers and such only using the keyboard instead of using the mouse? I can't say that I've ever done that/tried and doing a little playing around with it now, it does not seem to be possible. It seems to only be able to tab between the items - and then onto the next menu set up and not the next trigger. 

Sharon Huston

That's correct, Ashley.  I'm building an AutoHotKey macro to paste about 50 lines of text into 50 different triggers per slide for closed captioning. (I have to paste about 4000 lines total, so a macro would really save me some time/effort/typos.)  Using the mouse isn't an option since the mouse coordinates would change for each trigger, especially triggers that I'd have to scroll to get to.  Using the keyboard bypasses that issue.

I think you're right -- it can't be accomplished at present.  Hopefully ya'll will address this in the future -- it's not just a macro issue, but also an accessibility issue.  Published Storyline files are very accessible and can be navigated by keyboard, but sadly I'm finding the authoring environment didn't receive the same attention.  

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