Triggers and Returning to Normal State

I am trying to create two triggers for one shape - where when the user clicks the shape the first time, it changes states to "new state" and when they click it a second time, it changes back to normal.  I've given the shape two triggers, both with conditions.  The first trigger is "change state of Rectangle 1 to New State when User Clicks Rectangle 1 with the condition that Rectangle one's state is equal to Normal." and the second trigger is "change state of Rectangle 1 to Normal when User Clicks Rectangle 1 with the condition that Rectangle 1's state is equal to New State."  However, this is not working.  The first trigger will work on its own, but as soon as I add the second trigger, nothing works.  What else do I need to do to make this work?

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Helene Caura
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi  Helene,

Thanks for sharing a copy of your .story file. I took a look in Storyline 360 and I was able to click on the objects to see the selected state. I could also click to unselect it - so that element does seem to be working correctly for me. Was there one object in question that caused you difficulty so that I could focus there? 

Sam Hernandez

I think I figured it out! The answer is no triggers. If you leave the button with no triggers, and only change the built-in states, it toggles on its own. My normal state is a blue button, my selected state is a grey button with text. It toggles back and forth between blue and grey each time I click it. 

Helene Caura

Hi Sam from my new computer (the other one just died 2 days ago and I am still trying to recover my files on the hard drive!). I used the by default mode first but it wasn't toggling at all. Maybe if you use buttons it does? I used shapes and added some states. It worked only after I added one trigger only to toggle states.