Triggers, Layers, Submit Button Dilemma

Hello! I'm testing out an activity where the learner is asked to choose 3 items from a list, select submit, and find out if their choices show a lean to 1 of 4 categories or a mix from different categories.
The problem I have is that the layer shows automatically without the press of the submit button. I need the layers to show only after the submit button is selected.
My triggers are on the submit button, but it appears they either need to be moved or something else needs to be added to the trigger for each layer? Does this have to do with stopping and starting the timeline perhaps?

Review file:

Attached pick3sample.story file.

I feel like this is an easy fix, but I need help! Thank you!

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Ron Price

It looks like when you created the triggers you had the submit button selected, which has created the illusion that the triggers are "when the user clicks the submit button". However, the trigger event you selected is "when the state changes"  which removes the functionality from the submit button, but in your trigger list it still appears as if it is related. (I know - it seems confusing) The trigger you need is to "When the user clicks the Submit button" but with the conditions added that check the states.

Currently, the layers appear, time the states change regardless of what is happening with the Submit button.

Holly Doggett

Ron, THANK YOU. Yes, that's exactly what is happening! But the problem is, I'm using the trigger to show the layer, so I can't also use it to say "when the user clicks" as I only get one action per trigger. Do you think I need to 2 triggers? One that is on the layer (states the conditions for something to be true only, not an action) and one is set on the submit button for when the user clicks?

Ron Price

Sorry - I was in some meetings - I have a reattached a repaired version using the When "user clicks submit" trigger.  The only piece of this that may feel strange is the trigger to show MIX Layer has no conditions except for the value equals 3.  So make sure it is first in your trigger order.

Holly Doggett

No need to apologize at all!

Thank you, Ron! All you had to do was take the conditions off the triggers that specified that any button needed to be selected. That's so much cleaner! It's also good to hear a confirmation that trigger order matters.

I knew someone would help me--thank you for taking the time.