Triggers malfunctioning when moving from Storyline 1 to 2

I am currently trying to fix a project that was created years ago using Storyline 1 and I inherited when I started a new job. In the project, there are three sections that the user must complete before the 4th section, the quiz, becomes available. In addition, each time a section is completed, a check mark appears to indicate completion. In the original project, the check marks were appearing as soon as the section was clicked on (as opposed to once it was completed) and the quiz was completely inaccessible. 

I've added the appropriate triggers to move between the slides, added state change indicators to incorporate the check marks, and created a state change to activate the trigger to jump to the quiz once the other state changes are complete but it's still not working. In fact, random check marks are appearing in different spots than they are located, almost as if they are copies of the check marks I have in place (they are showing up a bit below and to the right of where they should be). 

Because the content is proprietary, I cannot upload the file; however, I've uploaded a few screen shots, including the triggers for the main slide as well as where I put the check marks verses where they appear in the preview. My guess is that there are additional triggers or state changes hidden somewhere that are affecting the new ones I've created. I can only assume it has to do with the different versions but I'm completely guessing.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be extremely grateful!!

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