Triggers not changing variables if a "Jump to slide" is also present.

May 04, 2022

I'm using the latest Storyline 360

I have a button that I am using at the end of a course. The button will take them back to the hub (not opening slide) and I wanted to reset all variables.

On the button I have 9 triggers.

The first 8 (top to bottom) are Set {variable} to {value} when user clicks button.
And the 9th trigger is Jump to slide when the user clicks button.

After extensive testing it doesn't seem to matter how many triggers I have attached to the button, the only way to make the variables change is by removing the "Jump to slide" trigger. This is true if all I have is a single "Set variable to x" and the "Jump to slide" trigger.

I didn't think it was that complex of an ask. Am I possibly doing something wrong or is this a bug? I've even played with moving the Jump to slide trigger to the top, middle, bottom.... nothing works. Thanks

(Screenshot attached)

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Math Notermans

Only thing i can think of is that the order of your triggers is not correct.
But checking your screenshot that seems fine....
As i quickly remade it, resetting and restarting slides works as intended.

Published my sample to Review so you can see it work.
And attaching it...

If you can't get it to work, share your project... something else must be preventing the reset.