Triggers not playing audio in scene/project preview or publish

Hi, I've got an issue with triggers and audio.

I've used the Trigger Wizard to play sound media (a 'click') whenever the learner hits a navigation button on a slide. For some slides there are multiple buttons you can choose to hit, therefore multiple triggers, all using the same .mp3.

When I preview the slide by itself, it acts like it should, with the media audible when triggered by the appropriate object(s).

However, when I preview the slide within its scene, or its project, I can't hear anything (although voiceover audio that I've imported to other slides are fine).

Likewise, when I publish the course - the trigger audio is again not audible.

Can someone offer help please. Am I missing something?

Cheers, Drew

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Drew Barnett

Hi Meryem

I've attached a scene here, with just a menu slide, a submenu slide, and a couple of content slides.

The menu and submenu slides has various tabs which you click to produce a 'click' sound. For this scene, just focus on the 'Start' tab to navigate through, although the other tabs have audible audio. The submenu slide also has a Home button which I've assigned a sound too, which doesn't work either.

The two content slides have no 'click' sounds assigned, just voiceover.

This is the first time I've assigned a sound file to multiple objects within a slide, so I may be doing something wrong.

Meryem M

Hi Drew,

Thanks for uploading the file. I see two issues with your triggers.

  • The first issue is trigger order. The triggers fire from top to bottom. Your order on the buttons was 1) Jump to slide or scene, and then 2) Play media. The problem is that the trigger to play media never fires, because the user has left that slide and already jumped to someplace else. The solution to this is to place the "play media" trigger before the Jump to Slide or Scene.
  • When I changed the trigger order on your Start button, the audio behaved differently than it has on my own projects. It doesn't play on the click, but plays when I return to HOME. I think this is because the slide is set to Resume Saved State. But, I'm surely missing something... working on two hours sleep here.

I'm going to post this in the hopes that someone else can take a look and solve this for you.

Just a thought... from a user's perspective. My own mouse makes a nice click when I click something on the screen. So, from a user's perspective, It seems that the click audio adds no new information.

Michael Hinze

Yes, trigger order is important but even with the switched order the sound file wouldn't have a chance to play because of the JumpTo trigger right after. You would have to find a way to 'delay' the JumpTo trigger until the soundfile completed playing. See attached file with one possible option (I updated the two Start buttons) that uses two variables; one that detects which button was clicked and jumps to the correct slide/scene, the other variable signifies when the sound completed playing. While technically possible, it seems like a lot of work just to play a click sound.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fede,

I think the issue with your course (at least on the first slide) is that you were setting it up to change based on your variable "SuonoCompleto" and it was set to change when the value was true - but the default value was true so it was getting caught up in that.  I changed the default value to false and then all proceeded normally. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fede,

You'll either need to use a new variable or a trigger on each slide to reset it when the slide's timeline starts. It'll all depend on how you want the user to be able to navigate back and forth from slides, and what the "revisiting" behavior is (resume saved state vs. reset to initial state).