Triggers not working even though they've been set

Apr 04, 2013


I have 2 slides where the triggers are not working and cannot figure out why for the life of me. Please help. 

This img shows that the triggers have been set for the "i" buttons.

The trigger for the Beqin Quiz button in this slide is supposed to jump to a new scene, but doesn't. 

Thank you all in advance,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tria!

From what I can see in the images, the "Begin Quiz" button looks to be at the very back of the slide. Can you try moving it to the front, or top of the timeline? I'm concerned maybe that button is covered up. 

From the first image, I can't tell if this is the case for the "i" buttons. Can you post the .STORY file here so I can check this out for you?


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