Triggers play in Slide preview, but not in project preview or published.

Hi There,

For some reason I just can't seem to figure this out, I hope someone can help! I have a slide with multiple click points that give the user information. I would like to include a layer, that asks the user if they are sure they want to "continue without viewing all information", in the event that they try to click "next" without reviewing it.  The trigger displays properly when I preview the individual slide, but not when I preview the entire project, or when I publish the project.

I have done some searching and have seen the advice on resetting the variables at timeline start. I've tried this, but I still can't get it to work.

Thanks for any help! I've included an image of my triggers. "YesNo" is the name of the layer that I would like to show.

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Nicole Wachnin

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply! The trigger is coming up under "player triggers", since the layer should not show until the user clicks the "next" button. I am not able to move the trigger any further to the top. Another odd thing, is that there are two versions of this file. It does work in one version but not in the most recent version that I am editing. Even though the slides and triggers are exactly the same. Could this be a glitch?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicole, 

Thanks for sharing here - and oddly enough when I go back to slide 1.3 after having left it, then I see the layer. You mentioned you have a duplicate of this file where it is working as expected? Are you able to share a copy of that version here with us? It's definitely odd so I'd also want to confirm that you were working on project files as described here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicole,

Perhaps - did you confirm that you're working on local project files? When you go to delete slides do you do a save as and then delete the slides? Instead what about testing to import them into a new file as detailed here. 

Looking at them side by side, the one that does work is using a number variable vs. the one that isn't working using a t/f variable. Was there a reason behind that change? Also the variable adjustments in the working file are set for each item, vs. the item as a whole (based on changing to True that makes sense) but when using a variable reference on the non-working file to see if that's adjusted, I don't see the change happening. The visited state is one that will work as detailed here but I'm thinking it's not being adjusted before the user jumps to those other slides and therefore never changing the variable? Perhaps look at adding a trigger to help ensure that's happening (I did a quick test and then was able to see the state change which I hadn't before) and just make sure that trigger appear before your "jump to slide" triggers.