triggers reordering and it is frustrating

Nov 19, 2019

Here is the situation.


I have a story, and 12 states in the text where different parts of the text get highlight in conjunction with the animation.

I have the states working perfectly, I have the cue points set up but when I go to start changing the triggers it randomly changes the order.

for example.  I apply the trigger to go to state 1 @ cue point 1.  then copy it and go to change the command to state 2 @ cue point 2.  As I move forward it starts randomly throwing the triggers in to the end of the list which then means I have no easy order to follow back on.

Is there a way to ensure that the triggers follow the cue point sequence.



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Jerry Beaucaire

I know that's frustrating, but my experience is that for all triggers added by copy/paste method... the newly pasted trigger always appears at the end of the group of triggers in which it is pasted.  Without exception for me.

Initially it was irritating, but now my process expects the new triggers to appear there, so I know to scroll down to the new trigger each time and move it to where I want it.

It's worth mentioning that the order of triggers in the queue is only important for triggers that are all occurring at the same time.  Since these particular triggers are going off on cue points, the order is not important, other than being easy on the eye when doing maintenance.

Ari Avivi


Honestly, i'm frustrated putting in requests.  At some point I wish the staff would just look at the threads and recognize that this might be something to put in the cue.  I can see putting in small one of requests, but so many users have the same thing, that flooding the request line seems silly.