Triggers to show then hide text box

Jul 14, 2014

Hi All,

This is probably very simple to do, but is a bit beyond us at the moment.

On each slide of our project we have several text input boxes and a single Submit button. The idea is that the user enters text into one or more input boxes then clicks the Submit button.

Each time the Submit button is clicked we would like to display a text box with a short message which is visible for a few seconds and then disappears.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Antony Snow

Hi George,

The easiest way would be to have the text box that is displayed after clicking on the Submit button on a new layer. You could then:

  • Add a trigger to show the layer with the text box on it when the user clicks the Submit button
  • Adjust the duration on the textbox so it is only on the timeline for the duration you need it to be visible for (i.e. 3 or 5 seconds)
  • Add a trigger to hide the layer when the timeline of the textbox ends

Would that work for you?

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