TRIM Video causes very large SL file

Mar 06, 2015

Hi, we have an SL2 file that contains four videos resulting in an approx file size of 330MG which is understandable due to the videos. After editing one of the videos (just using the TRIM function to remove a few seconds of unwanted video from the start and end), the file size went to 444MG. After doing the same to the other three videos, the file size jumps to 676MG!!

Has anyone else noticed this? 


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Vispi Baria

Hi Ashley, I can totally understand the file size staying the same but not increasing so dramatically. Yes I've tried closing,  reopening etc. I also decided to start a new project and insert a single video (mp4). The video itself is about 168meg. After a simple edit and trim, the SL file size is over 500meg.  Obviously if I add the other three videos (smaller sizes) the file size would still be close to a gig!  

My main pc is a mac, so I tried another example on my laptop, this time a small video size of 45meg. This time the resulting file size was just over 100meg.  

We have previously used video in SL 1 and never noticed this issue and with clients increasing requesting video, these file sizes (especially as our courses are LMS hosted) are becoming increasing difficult to work with. 


Vispi Baria

Just to add... there does not seem to be very much consistency in how much the file sizes are increasing (other than much larger!).
I have also noticed that after deleting one of the slides with the larger video (this video increased the SL file size by about 390MB) , the file size decreased by 16KB!!! So clearly there is a problem handling videos here!! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vispi, 

I know our SL2 output with videos is by default at a larger size than SL1 due to some of the changes made to allow for better video quality, and Justin offers a great explanation of how that happens in this thread - but in regards to the file size increasing when you trim the video that's not something I've seen yet. 

It may be best to take a look at one of your sample files pre-trimming and then after you've conducted the changes. Can you share those samples with us here? 

Vispi Baria

Hi Ashley, yes I've previously discussed the larger file size and quality of video with staff and understand what was done from SL1 to SL2 (in my case, preferred SL1 as the quality that we got was reasonable with much smaller file sizes), but thanks for the link as it's looks an interesting read!

As for the problem with the TRIM, this is an issue and I will produce some separate files to show and problem and upload to the area you've highlighted.

Many thanks,


Vispi Baria

Hi Ashley, sure it's #00492468

It does seem to be an issue in SL2... 

Just so others are aware if they have the same problem, here are the comments from Support... "It appears that Storyline 2 Update 4 is creating a new video file after trimming it and storing it on the library that is why it's doubling the project file size."

It is in fact tripling the size of the project!

For now, I will be doing all editing outside of SL and then importing. Handbrake has also helped reduce the file size, for those interested.


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