Storyline 2 SCORM zip files much larger

Nov 10, 2014

When publishing a storyline 2 file that was created in storyline 1 the SCORM output zip file is about 3 times larger. Storyline 1 78 mg... storyline 2 222 mg. There were no changes made to the file other than it was opened in storyline 2. There are limits to the size of SCORM assets that I can use in my LMS so this is creating an issue.

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Brian  Steers

The publish settings are identical and neither had mobile version selected. I tried creating a new project in sl2 and imported all the slides (as was suggested in another discussion on the same issue)... made no difference. I've attached 2 vids from the story_content folder, one from the sl1 output and one from sl2. Same vid, very different sizes.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Are you changing the compression settings for the SL2 video - in the sense of leaving it without compression? Storyline will automatically compress your videos as described here, but SL2 gives the option for "no compression". 

I also saw another issue reported to our QA team recently where if you've included the same video on more than one slide in your course, SL2 is included a copy of the video in the published output for every slide/location it is throughout the course which was different behavior than SL1, and could be contributing to the overall size. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

If the tab is greyed out it may be that the video does not fit within the compression guidelines as detailed here. So the SL1 files are behaving the same as your SL2 files, in which way? In regards to adding duplicate videos? This isn't a behavior we've seen until recently with SL2 if you were copying in a video that previously existed in your file - but only would create a duplicate if you inserted the video again. 

Brian  Steers

Hi Ashley

There must be an issue with my video files then. I've always used the best quality that I have which are flv files and sometimes use a wmv version.

Just created two identical storyline projects. One in sl1 and one in sl2. Both contain 2 slides. The first is an flv video. The second slide is the same video but in a wmv format.

When published the sl2 mp4 videos are about 3 times larger than the sl1 mp4's

vineetha charles


I am not sure if this helps you, however, I have found a way to compress the files after the project has been published. It reduces the size of the file by 8 to 10 MB and this makes it easier for us to upload in the LMS. We compress the audio and swf files and we have never had an issue with the quality. You can compress the files in the story content folder.

Brian  Steers

So I guess there is no solution to this problem. It's basically a deal breaker for me as the file sizes exceed the maximum that I can host on my LMS. My only solution is to continue using Storyline 1. Does anybody know how to go about getting a refund for the SL2 upgrade that I purchased?

From everything I've read SL2 is supposed to be better at compressing videos and keeping the Storyline files at reasonable sizes. Clearly it is far worse.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

My apologies, I missed your post from a little over a week ago. Even just looking at the .story files you shared it seems there is a difference in file size, and that may be a part of the overall file size issue you're experiencing. I do see that when publishing those for LMS, and zipping the contents the file size difference remains (11.8 mb vs. 3.9 mb). It may be best to continue to investigate this in a support case, and that way if the size issue continues to be a problem for you they can connect you with our Sales team regarding a refund. 

Steve Flowers

Hey Brian,

I think SL2 gives you more headroom on the compression. Folks complained (myself included) that SL1 compressed too much even at level 9. The scales are 1-9 in both versions. So "9" in SL1 was still pretty heavy compression while 9 in SL2 is light compression. You might attempt to adjust your SL2 publish settings lower than SL1 to compare size and quality. A "5" in SL1 to a "3" in SL2. I'm guessing this will make things a bit better.


Steve Flowers

Hey Brian -

Additional data. The bitrates are a LOT higher in the SL2 version. Adjusting your quality slider downwards really should more closely match the SL1 version. SL2 does provide a lot more quality per setting on the scale to provide more headroom at the upper end of the setting.

Will run a couple of quick tests with some video to see which settings in SL2 match up with SL1.

Steve Flowers

Wow. It's a TON higher. Using the Windows shipped wildlife.wmv file, here are my results:

Setting of 1:

  • SL1 - 284kbps
  • SL2 - 1070kbps

Setting of 5:

  • SL1 - 497kbps
  • SL2 - 1900kbps

Setting of 9:

  • SL1 - 989kbps
  • SL2 - 3848kbps

So SL1 on the highest setting is still more compressed than SL2 on the lowest. Hold on a sec, will see if I can hack the config settings to change the range. It REALLY should be closer to SL1 in the bottom end and SL2 at the top end for max flexibility. This is a bug in my opinion.

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