Problem publishing video files in Presenter '13

Oct 23, 2013

I have a presentation originally created in Powerpoint/Presenter '09 that included 5 mp4 files (demonstrations that include both audio and video). I am now running Presenter '13 and updated my original file in Presenter '13. I also needed to replace one of the mp4 demo files, which I did, then republished. That particular updated mp4 video will not play correctly inside my presentation. When I click to view it from the navigation pane of my presentation, the control at the bottom advances through for 5 seconds but the video does not actually play. But if I scrub backwards to the beginning and then click the play button, it plays.

A second problem I am having is the quality of my presentation in '13. My original presentation done in Presenter '09 had much better quality than the one produced in Presenter '13. The text and images are very fuzzy/pixelated now. I did not change any of the settings intially, and when I did change the publish quality settings to custom for higher quality, it made no difference.

Please help!

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suzanne annunziato

I agree with Guniila... the quality of the video isn't as good as the 09 Articulate. However it is really nice on the iphone and iPad. But, the video's audio is out of sync whether is is an .flv file or an mp4. I've put in a request and am waiting to hear on that. Also, is there always going to have to be a "play" icon on the videos when being viewed on an ipad or iPhone? I don't like how it launches separately outside of the presentation window. is there something I need to set differently so that it plays inside the presentation.?

Any help is appreciated.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gunilla and Suzanne! I want to welcome both of you to E-Learning Heroes!

Suzanne - I can see where you have submitted a support case (00363763) and are working with Gren. I would like to share the solution that was sent to you as it may be beneficial to Gunilla and other community members as well.

I understand that you are experiencing issues with playback of your video in iPad/iPhone. 

Articulate Studio '13 gives you the highest possible video quality with the smallest possible file size. See this article for details: 

As the above article has discussed, it is recommended to insert high quality videos into your project, as Articulate will compress this when you publish your project. Also, when publishing, try experimenting on the quality of the video. Since you are targeting iPad/iPhone users, you can try lowering the quality of the video in the Publish Options. Setting this to High Quality will create large files and might not be loaded and played properly in devices especially for users with slower internet connections. 

As for the Play button in the launch page when viewing contents, unfortunately, this cannot be removed/disabled. You can send this as a feature request. To ensure that your suggestion is appropriately routed to our product development team for review, please submit your feature request here: 

Gunilla - If you continue to experience difficulty, I would encourage you to package your course and submit it to us.

Russell Still

Depending on what you want to do and how you lay it out, video will likely be problematic in your HTML5 presentations. It can take quit a bit of tweaking to get it working and it just isn't going to work as smoothly as it does in Flash. I'm trudging through such issues as we speak and may ultimately just remove the video since iPad support has become so critical to product success.

suzanne annunziato

I agree...I am still having so much trouble and the tweaking is still not perfect....if I get the syncing better (but not perfect) the quality of the video is awful. far as importing high quality video as per the article...I have done all of that and adjusted the quality on all sides and still don't like the results. The "help" link doesn't really say anything. It's a trial and error nightmare.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jill!

If you could provide some additional information as to the issue that you are having that would be helpful.

I took a look at Jill's case again and her issue was specific to her particular movie.

Here is what was sent to her:

Hi Suzanne, 

Our QA team has found a solution for resolving the issue with the audio being out of sync with the video on the iPad. It comes down to the audio bitrate for this particular movie and how it interacts in HTML5. The default is at 48kbps. It needs to be set at 160kbps. You can do so in the publising quality settings. 

Testing on our end appears to work. Please let me know if it doesn't for you. 


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