Trouble adding closed caption in Storyline to files that already have recorded audio

Jul 26, 2023

I am need of help with adding closed captions to an LMS orientation video I created in Storyline 360. It is comprised of 4 slides, for which I recorded audio, but I can't figure out how to add the closed captioning text that matches what I am saying.  It currently has some captions that go along with a prior audio recording that I had done. I had added those captions before but I have only done that once and I am still relatively new to Storyline. I tried searching the E-Learning Heroes site and Googling it but the instructions I find don't fit with my view of Storyline. If someone could assist that would be great. Also, if someone who has more expertise with this, would be able to meet with me briefly online to walk me through it, then that too would be very helpful. Thank you.



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Sandeep Gadam

Hello Dana, you can add CC manually to audio/video files within Storyline. Select the audio/video file on the timeline, click Options on the top menu and click on the Add captions tab. Once the Closed captions editor pops up, you can enter the text manually in the grey text cations box that you can see at the bottom. You can alter the captions field (Insert, Delete or Split the captions field and even you can expand the filed by dragging).

Could we schedule an online meeting sometime this week or next week? Please let me know your availability, and we can find a time that works best for both of us.

Feel free to reach me via email at

I look forward to hear back from you!!

Dana Von Berg

Hi Sandeep,

Thank you so much for these instructions. Once I selected the Audio option from the timeline, I was finally able to see the Options tab. I was able to go in and edit the captions for each slide.   However, prior to my re-recording of the audio for the slides (with my own voice), I had used one of the computer generated voices and I had selected the option to allow for the "text to speech" captions. I was able to successfully record my voice over the computer generated voice (since my colleagues and I felt that was a better way to go) and I also made a few changes to the text in my audio recording. I followed your instructions to go in edit the captions and I was able to do that. However, when I previewed the revised project, I did not see the revised captions that I added (using the process above) and which reflect the revised audio recording. I am still seeing the "text to speech" captions that were generated from the computer generated voice (I had used the Joanna voice and checked the box that says "Generate Closed Captions". Do you have any advice on how I can get rid of these closed captions so the ones I just revised (and match the revised audio) will display?  Any additional help is appreciated.