Trouble Embedding Storyline (IE9+)

Dec 02, 2012

Hey Everybody,

I have used the following code surrounded by an iframe tag:
iframe tag===src="my-html5-url" height="500" width="720"  frameborder="0" style="overflow: visible; width: 100%;"===iframe close tag

So I have embedded my storyline course in my website, however IE 9 is doing some weird things...

#1:  It will not display any of my images or videos, however all other content works

#2:  When I scroll down to the storyline embed, it disappears.  If I scroll back up and then down again it will reappear.

I have tried both the flash and the html5 version and I get the same result from both

Any thoughts???

Thanks guys!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Don,

You might want to see if the steps in this article help with the scrolling issue in Internet Explorer. Try that out and let me know how it goes. As far as the images and videos are concerned, are these images within your course?  If the information in the article doesn't resolve the problem, are you able to share a link to your published content, so I can take a look?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Don,

Also wanted to point out that HTML5 and Internet Explorer don't get along very well. This may be the reason your images and videos aren't showing up. Take a look at this article (down at the very bottom). There's no support for HTML 5 in any version of IE. To get a better idea, you can look at a site that tests HTML5 for your current browser (like this one). If you test that in Chrome and IE, you should see quite a difference in results. 

Hope this helps!

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