Trouble with audio overlap in storyline

Aug 08, 2016

Hello. We need help. We are experiencing audio overlap in layers.  The audio overlap only happens in google chrome. We have updated to latest version of articulate storyline and have downloaded articulate updater for chrome. What is the answer to this if there is one? Thanks



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brent, 

Are you testing the published output locally or did you upload it to the intended environment? Testing it locally can cause odd behavior as detailed here, and there are a few free testing solutions you could look at using in that article as well. 

You mentioned using the Articulate updater for Chrome - was this issue newly occurring on your projects? Do you know what version of Chrome you're using now? 

Brent Shelton

We are testing locally and a company is testing these courses as well. We all are seeing these issues. When I test on mac devices and use chrome they work great. No overlap. Only on pc do we see the issue. The version we are using is 52.2743.84. On all devices.  Thanks

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