Trouble with Free Form DnD & Subsequent Attempts

Jan 12, 2017

I have a free form DnD that I thought was working just fine.  Then while performing some last minute testing prior to publishing for the first run through, I ran into a snag.

When I go through the Dnd the first time around, I fail twice, intentionally.  I have the DnD set to 2 attempts.  I then take the remaining two questions, fail them and then review the quiz.  I then click the Retake Quiz button.

I then get only one attempt at the DnD.  No Try Again layer feedback.  I get the Incorrect Layer feedback.  The other two questions both give me the two tries, but not my DnD.

I've been tinkering with this for two days now and I am sure I am overlooking something simple, but I have reached a level of frustration that is preventing me from seeing the forest for the trees.  I have attached a small story file that contains just these few slides.  Any feedback will be appreciated.



p.s. the correct items for the safety cabinet are goggles, first aid kit, caution tape, flashlight, cone

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Ryan Frame

I've dug around in it for a while and I'm no closer to an answer. At first I thought it was due to the fact that it was set to reset to initial state while the others were not but that made no difference when I tested it. Interesting challenge. I'll play around with it and see if I can figure it out. (note even if you answer it correctly on the second round through it is reporting as incorrect. basically ignoring the test retry)

Eric Bybee

Thanks, Wendy.  I have had my head down trying to complete two projects.  I did finally figure out what I had done which created the "error".  On my Try Again layer, I am using a trigger to update a variable to track the number of attempts to then show the Incorrect layer.  I had it set to the wrong value, so when my learner made one attempt, SL saw two and moved to the Incorrect layer - incorrectly.  ha!

Anyway, it is now working just fine.  I have also learned a valuable lesson on what position variables need to appear in the Trigger pane.  That was a much quicker fix.  

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