Trouble with Player features in preview mode


I have some trouble updating my player features. I get constantly two grey lines on top and  bottom when previewing my project. I tried to search for the solution in the different features of the playbar but I don't get it. Please find the screenshots in attachment.

Thanks a lot for any help !

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ivana!  Without seeing your file, I would wonder if your slide size and the content on your slide are in discord.  Are those background images filling your slide when you're editing?  

Also, do you have player elements that are not being displayed on particular slides (e.g. menu on some but not others)?  If so, the player spacing is still accommodating for them overall and you can see the sizing that the player will add to your course as described here.  If you've checked all your slides and they're set up correctly and without the extra space, are you able to share the .story file here so that we can take a look? 

Ivana Vayleux

Thanks so much Crystal!

I checked my slides. Slide size and the content match.

I have next, previous and back buttons displayed on some slides and not on another. But I don't think this is the problem.

I discovered that when I untick the title in the Playbar properties,  those two lignes appear and when I tick it, they dissapear. 

So It's fine now but I don't understand why the layout changes when title is unticked. This fonctionality is unticked for all slides, right ?  Here is the file. Thanks a lot again! 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ivana.  I was able to reproduce what is happening in your file on my own file.  I changed the slide background color on the player to make it distinguishable from the rest of the player, and I noticed that when I removed the Resources and/or the Title features, the slide background was showing either on the sides of the slide or above and below the slide.  I am going to do a little more research about this and then update you here!

Crystal Horn

Ok.  The Player Preview mode is definitely limited in terms of not being able to see actual slide content-- just the features of the player.  It looks like that limitation might extend to how the Slide Background fill, found in the advance color editing of Colors & Effects, shows behind the slide.  I toggled the settings with Title and Resources a bit and got inconsistent results around whether the slide background would show.

When I previewed the entire project, however, the slide background didn't show at all, meaning those gray lines did not show up.  I also published the project and didn't see those lines when I hosted it on the web.

It is probably frustrating to get inconsistent views between Player Preview and Project level Preview.  In this case, I would defer to the Project Preview.  And as always, we recommend doing your final testing after publishing and uploading your course to it's intended environment to make sure it really DOES look the way you need it to.

I'm going to file a report on that behavior for our QA folks to take a look.  If we find out anything more about it, we'll update you right here.