Trouble with Quiz Results page

I need some help!

I have a 14 question assessment with a results page set up in my course. All the questions function correctly, the problem is that the final question does not advance to the results page in either our LMS (Litmos) or in the Course preview. I have followed the instructions provided from Articulate Support, and it still does not work. I suspect that I am not doing something right with the variables.

I have attached a scrubbed version of my course. There are three assessment scenes, one with links to course pages on each question base layer, one with links to course pages on the "incorrect" layer, and one with no links to course pages. 


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Scott,

When I sent the original reply, I tested the link and found that it wasn't working. I immediately updated the link, but unfortunately it would appear that you didn't get an updated email and so were probably working from the incorrect link, for which I apologise.

All being well, you should be able to access the video from the link below:

If you are still having problems, just let me know and I will be happy to provide written instructions.

Scott Jones

This worked like a charm! I think that I was getting confused because I
could find no information on handling answer variables, and I connected the
results slide via the standard method of advancing using the Next button.
This really helped me out!


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