Trouble with states/layers/variables

My final slide in my course is a situational slide where the user selects 4 different characters and assists them with their need by using what they learned in the training. Once all 4 users have been selected I would like for a "end of training" layer to appear.

I added a visited state to the 4 characters and added a variable that is false. Once all 4 characters switch from normal to visited the variable changes. Once the variable changes the end of training slide is supposed to appear.

For some reason it is not working and my end of training slide will not show up.

Any thoughts?

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Rob Morgan

Thanks Phil,

I like the idea of a trigger if... I had originally thought of having a trigger when they closed a layer but since they do not have to view the characters in order I would not know what character to put the trigger on. But I like the idea of having the trigger on all of the close slides and making it a show layer if all are visited trigger.