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I created a simple practice exercise with 3 slides; a home page with 2 buttons (one for module 1 and one for module 2). Each of the 2 slides have a back button. So, when you go to module 1 and click the back button, the module 1 button on the home page displays a 'check mark' to show that module 1 was completed.

I just can't get the module 2 button on the home page to work the same way with the back button on the module 2 slide. 

I would appreciate any suggestions. My file is attached.

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Michael Hinze

You can create variables without selecting an object on the slide. If you want to add a trigger to an object, you do need to select it first. On the main slide, I corrected the variable reference for the one existing slide trigger, then copy&pasted the trigger and finally, changed the variable to module 2.