True/False Drag and Drop Quiz

Apr 15, 2015


I am new to Articulate Storyline 2 and I would like to create a series of quizzes using the format shown in the attached document.  The user drags each of their answers to the drop spot and when the Submit button is clicked the drop spot column shows either a red box for an incorrect answer or a green box for the correct answer (see the second table in the attached document).

I have been trying for some time to achieve the configuration shown but have not been successful.

Could anyone please advise me how to achieve the quiz format shown in the document?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Anne .


Could you please help me with a problem I am having with the Continue button and the Incorrect, Try Again button.

I have numerous quizzes scattered throughout a story/project.  If a user gets a wrong answer they have the ability to Try Again. If a user gets the correct answer and the user click Continue then the next slide should be displayed.

When the Try Again option is selected the next screen is displayed rather than the quiz question to be taken again.

I am fairly new to Articulate Storyline and I suspect that the answer has something to do with triggers and perhaps even layers and/or variables.  I don't know how to trigger/layer/variables the Try Again button so that the user gets a second chance at the quiz question, before having the next slide displayed.

I have attached a test file which might better demonstrate my dilemma.

Best regards


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

You had a trigger on your "try again" layer to jump to slide 1.2 when the user clicked the try again button. I removed that trigger and then the user is returned to the quiz question and can change their selection. Just an FYI, by default the course will still show their previously selected answers and they'll have the option to make any changes by selecting new items or unselecting them. 

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