True/False problem

Aug 20, 2014

Hi please help me,

I have a True/False question. The scoring is set to '0' and 'unlimited' for attempts. I was able to set a custome Invalid answer based on Jeanette's tutorial:


Here is my problem:

When nothing is clicked, the Invalid feedback works.

When the correct answer is clicked (False), the Correct feedback works.

When the wrong answer is clicked (True), the Invalid shows instead of the Incorrect feedback.

Help, what have I done wrong?

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Vanessa: Thanks for turning me on to this. Attached is the simple example based on Jeanette's instructions.

There are a number of things that could foul things up--the conditions, especially. Make sure you have "OR" selected when you are setting the conditions on the Submit button, and make sure to move that trigger down/after the invalid message layer trigger.

If you are still having issues after you review the example I built, post back with your version (even if you just want to create a dummy version) or PM me. We'll figure it out. --Daniel

Vanessa M

Hi Daniel,

It turns out that is was the unlimited attempts and the try again button causing the problem. Jeanette posted a simple fix for this. The bigger problem is that Jeanette's tutorial for a custom invalid box only seems to work for True/False I can't get it to work on other questiion types. I am attaching my story file. Any quick fix idaes?

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