True/False quiz questions appear with review "incorrect" even before answering the question.


We have a course with a few quiz questions. Even before the Learner answers the question the True and False questions appear with the review "incorrect" red box and the Learner is unable to answer the question. What could be causing this? This happens a lot when we go mobile using Chrome.

I have attached a screenshot. Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you,

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Ted Nguyen

Any luck on this issue?  My LMS vendor is telling me she is having the same issues on my custom drag and drop quiz slides.  The red incorrect bar show up before she answer the question iPad.  When she test it on the computer/laptop - everything work as normal.  I beginning to wonder about the new flash updates.  No sure???

Omar Garces

Hi Ted,

No luck yet. I hope to have a Staff member chime in soon to help with the issue. This can't be occurring every time we put out a course for a client. We can't even pin point what's causing the issue to fix the problem. It's very frustrating to say the least. Please let us know if you find out something on your end.

Thank you,

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Omar,

Sorry to hear about the odd behavior with your course. I've heard of a similar issue where if you close the course and resume it, then it's forced back into review mode? Does that sound like what you're experiencing? If so, we have reported this to our QA team and they're investigating it. If you're experiencing something different we'll want to take a look at your .story file. You can share it here in the forums or send it along to our Support engineers here. 

Omar Garces

Hi Ashley,

Thank you tons for your response. Our issue isn't only when we close out of the course and than go back in. It's occurring even before the Learner is able to answer the question. It's great the QA team is investigating this issue since it might be tide to what we're experiencing. We've been having so much trouble with these few quiz questions and we're already late on our delivery of the course to our client so any help is great. I will submit our .story file to the Support engineers since I am unable to attached here-to due to client restrictions.

Thank you again,