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David Anderson

Hi Kelly - If you're linking to an external document, you could use basic trigger conditions to evaluate when the learner has clicked the link to open the external PDF. 

I attached a simple example.

There's no way to force learners to view the PDF but you could try asking one or more specific questions about the content in the PDF before allowing the learner to continue.

Kelly LeMaire

Thank you both for you help! Now i have a slide that has 5 different pdf's that need to be clicked on before the user can proceed to the next slide. How do I set up my triggers so that the next button changes to normal after all five pdf's have been clicked on? Attached is the tigger that I have set up. It does not change the state of the button to normal.

Randy Hill

So you don't want to change it when the variable changes, change that to when timeline starts. Because of how this works sometimes with mobile sometimes, I will set up 2 triggers, one like this with it changing to normal when timeline starts if the conditions are met, and then I will also give the pdf buttons a visited state and then create a trigger that changes the next button to normal when the states of those pdfs are visited. Does that make sense?