Try It Mode and the Seek Bar

Feb 05, 2014

A colleague and I are working on finalizing a Storyline course that contains several screen recordings that are used in "Try It" mode. On some of these screens, the automatically generated Hot Spot is used to advance to the next step in the software sequence. However, it appears that if you use the Seek Bar to fast forward, the next screen in the software sequence displays, and you never have to click the hot spot to advance.  Is just removing the seek bar for those slides the easiest solution?

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Rebecca Adler

Thanks for the reply, Ashley, and the tutorial link.

In our case, the Seek Bar seems to span across two slides instead of being limited to one slide, which we found odd because the first slide is set to "Advance by User." I thought the Seek Bar was "delimited" to the current slide only. But, if the user just fast forwards through the Seek Bar for that slide, the next slide displays and they never have to click the Hotspot to advance. We fixed it by removing the Seek Bar from that slide, but it's the behavior that had me concerned as that doesn't seem like the way the Seek Bar is supposed to behave unless the slide is set to Automatically Advance.

Thanks again for replying!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Are they separate slides, or is one of them a layer of the slide? If you're able to share that piece of your Storyline course with me I'm happy to take a look. You may also want to look at your triggers - even though you've set the slide to "advance by user" check that there isn't a trigger which would override that (such as jump to next slide when user does X, or when the timeline on Y ends...).

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