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Jun 01, 2012

I posted this question a few days ago, no response(s).

Will try again.


Hi, I am working with a trial version of Storyline and have to say it has been pretty good so far. (makes me wonder why we purchased Articulate '09

Very confused, however. I have output CD and Web versions of a test course. I have embedded an Engage '09 component (pretty easy actually) in that course. Tried playing back from my laptop (on which both Storyline project and Engage projects reside) and both versions work fine. I drop it all on a USB and bring it to my server and another desktop, the Engage content will ONLY playback using CD output version. I have tried HTML 5.0, straight HTML, etc.  Nothing works...

Can someone recommend a solution please?

a little urgent because I want to demonstrate/rationalize purchase of storyline to the boss


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raymond seguin

Continued confusion on my part,

I have tried a few things on the "options" side with no change. I notice that if I click directly on the link to the embedded Engage interaction, it works. so the path to get to it looks something like this:


It seems like somehow, the web version does not "find" this link. I don't think (could be wrong) that it is a browser security issue.

thanks again,


Leah Hemeon

Hi Raymond,

I run into this all the time. It probably is your browser's local flash settings. Start playing your project and right click on one of the slides. You would get a Flash menu with options. Open that and find the global flash settings and enable...

Here's an Adobe article that explains

The unfortunate part I always find is that it doesn't tell you anything is being blocked but it happens all the time. 

Hope this helps!

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