Trying to get slide to remember states

Apr 21, 2014

Hi, I'm trying to create a course with a central hub where learners can choose which course section they want to visit.  After they visit a section, they return to the hub and click on another one, continuing until they complete them all.  

I would like to have the buttons change their state to show when they have been visited.  I know how to do that as a trigger, but when I come back to the hub slide, it seems like the slide is reset and all of the buttons are in their original states.  Is there any way to make the slide remember that a button has been clicked when the slide is revisited?


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Tim Shelton

Another way to do this would be to have triggers at the end of a section which get set to true. The main menu/hub looks to see if these variables are set to true and then set the state of an object.

This works better if you wanted to track things like, started/in progress, half way done or % complete as you can modify the variable as you go through the section.

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