Trying to have different Review options for different Review Quiz scenarios

Sep 08, 2022

I want to create three different "Review Quiz" triggers, launched from three different layered situations, for the same Quiz:

1) They failed -- hide incorrect / correct answers (so they don't simply memorize the correct answer on subsequent attempts)

2) They passed with 100% - review quiz with correct / incorrect answers

3) They passed with less than 100% - review only incorrect answers

However, even when I attach three different Review Quiz triggers to three different buttons on three different layers, the settings of any of these triggers (using the Trigger Wizard) affects ALL THREE triggers; you can't have different settings for different instances. This seems like an oversight -- I want to customize THAT trigger, not all of them. 

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Joe Tansengco

Hi David, 

I'll be glad to assist! 

Would you be willing to share your project file here or privately through a support case, as well as a quick video of the behavior you're experiencing so I can check what's happening? 

For Articulate 360 subscribers, Peek 360 is the quickest way to record a screencast, and it's available for Windows and Mac. Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Peek 360 on your computer and click New Recording.

  2. Select the application you want to record, then choose a microphone  (if you have one)  when the recording window appears.

  3. Click the red Record button and reproduce the issue.

  4. When you're finished, click Done on the recording control bar or click the Peek 360 icon in your system tray (by the clock).

  5. You can preview your recording, give it a name, and then click Upload to send it to your Articulate 360 account.

  6. Windows will notify you when it's done uploading, and a link to your screencast will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

  7. Share the link with us.

Looking forward to your response! 


David Steele

So this is just a mockup I created to test some mechanics of reviewing quizzes (which is when I discovered the issue.) Really it's just that changing the settings for the Review Results trigger on any of the three layers changes it for ALL triggers on every layer. As you can see below, I have three layers that launch depending on the final score percentage. Each layer has its own Review Results trigger. I want to set each one separately so that the Review experience is different for each situation (like hide correct / incorrect when reviewing after Fail, showing them when 100% correct pass.) Right now, all three triggers (on three separate layers, connected to three different buttons) are changing whenever the Trigger Wizard is changed.

Joe Tansengco

Hi David, 

Thanks for providing more information! I tried to modify some of the 'Review Results' triggers in the Result Slide, but I was unable to get all Review Results triggers to change at once. 

Since you're experiencing a different behavior, try doing a repair of your Storyline 360 installation to see if this helps. If the issue persists, please send a recording of the behavior so I can check to see if I am testing your course differently. Thank you!