Turning a 'Course Completed' status on a scorm into a SCORE

Hi - I'm in the process of moving LMS and we're having an issue with our SCORM content. We have roughly 200 SCORMs that need to be uploaded. All of the SCORMs have a course completion trigger, bringing back a passed/incomplete result. The completion of the course is being tracked on the LMS, but it cannot automatically be put into a gradebook, as they are not configured to return a point value.

My question is this: is there a way to update the code in the published SCORM to return a value of 1 or 0 instead of passed/incomplete, without having to redevelop every SCORM ?

To return to our vendor to get each SCORM updated would cost both time and money that we don't currently have.

I've already updated some JS and html code in the published SCORM that was particular to our old LMS but I'm stumped on this one. Hoping someone has had similar experience and can help.

Thanks in advance



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Dave Cox

Hi Edel,

It can be done. The first thing you need to know is what version of SCORM you are targeting. The scorm variable varies by version. In SCORM 2004, it's the cmi.completion_status variable that returns the completion status and the cmi.score.raw variable that set the learner's score.

Be cautious when you set those variable outside of the normal values. Normally, Storylines internal variables update those cmi variables when it needs to update the LMS. The possible values for those variables are specified by the SCORM spec. In most systems, not following the spec will just cause it to not work.

Paul Zamora

In the older versions of SL (pre-360) there was a bug with the program integrating into the SumTotal LMS in that it would never report out to /complete/incomplete/ no matter the status you set a publish with Scorm of any standard.  I developed a quick patch post-publish that worked to force my own and wanted status of "Completed" or "Not Complete".   You might try this with your courses it works with Scorm 1.2 and the flavors of 2004. 

  1. To create the custom report/feedback you want, go into your published file set
  2. Open the lms sub-folder
  3. open the SCORM2004Functions.js OR SCORMFunctions.js (for 1.2) whichever you published out to and are integrating with.... if unsure do both. 
  4. open the .js file in notpad or your editor like Dreamweaver; at the 2nd set of var indicator paragraphs you will see the reportable statuses.
  5. If you do not know what your LMS is taking (passed/failed) (completed/incomplete) change both sets of reporting calls.
  6. var SCORM2004_PASSED = "passed"; //change "passed" to "1"
    var SCORM2004_FAILED = "failed"; // change "failed" to "0"
    var SCORM2004_UNKNOWN = "unknown";

    var SCORM2004_COMPLETED = "completed"; //change "completed" to "1"
    var SCORM2004_INCOMPLETE = "incomplete"; // change "incomplete" to "0"
    var SCORM2004_NOT_ATTEMPTED = "not attempted";

  7. Change those status calls to your 1 and 0 depending on your requirement.
  8. Save / re-zip / test in your LMS (was it workday by chance? I know for a while they were having this issue with Scorm 1.2 and AICC content imports)

While you won't get a numerical score but you should be able to do a standard LMS output / status / report and import that into Excel and do your custom filtering there.  

Give it a try, status reassignment is what I used for a while to get completed/incomplete to work until I got 360 where it was fixed.

Hope this helps.