Turning a 'Course Completed' status on a scorm into a SCORE

Hi - I'm in the process of moving LMS and we're having an issue with our SCORM content. We have roughly 200 SCORMs that need to be uploaded. All of the SCORMs have a course completion trigger, bringing back a passed/incomplete result. The completion of the course is being tracked on the LMS, but it cannot automatically be put into a gradebook, as they are not configured to return a point value.

My question is this: is there a way to update the code in the published SCORM to return a value of 1 or 0 instead of passed/incomplete, without having to redevelop every SCORM ?

To return to our vendor to get each SCORM updated would cost both time and money that we don't currently have.

I've already updated some JS and html code in the published SCORM that was particular to our old LMS but I'm stumped on this one. Hoping someone has had similar experience and can help.

Thanks in advance



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