Turning an existing scenario into a tracked quiz

Last year I created an elearning course that had quizzes throughout as knowledge checks and then a final branching scenario that was not set up as a quiz. We did not have a way at the time to load SCORM/AICC content into our LMS (so it was just published for web), so I didn't create anything that could be reported. I'm not interested in reporting off of the knowledge checks, I only want to report on the scenario.

Somehow I need to turn that scenario into something that will generate a result for the LMS. Can I do this with variables somehow?

The structure of the branched scenario is that it starts with a customer question and three responses, and then branches from there. There are a total of 5 possible results, 2 of which would be considered passing. If anyone got the bottom 3 results, we would want them to try again until they got a passing result.

Thanks in advance!

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