Tutorial: How to make a custom sliding side menu in Storyline

Apr 03, 2014


We have had a few clients request a custom side menu and I recall it being it a little tricky to figure out as someone new to Storyline. I would like to share this brief 3 minute tutorial about how to create a custom side menu in Storyline.

Source File

Hope this helps someone.


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Lizette Streicher

Hi Elizabeth!

This is a great example!  

I am also relatively new to Storyline, and still learning the in's and out's of it.  Working on very tight deadlines can be daunting sometimes, but it is posts like this that truly add value to "newbies" like me.

Thank you so much.  Will definitely use this in one of my courses.  

Elizabeth Sarney

I appreciate all the positive feedback. Thanks!

Julie, although I did not test this on an iPad yet but  it should work fine on it if you publish the course correctly. Make sure to select "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" when you publish your course for Web or LMS. The Articulate Mobile Player generally works very well.

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