Tutorial on using Triggers in Storyline 360?

Jul 16, 2021

I viewed a tutorial on using triggers and layers, but I can't find it anymore. I have my triggers set to jump to another slide when someone clicks a picture/text. Now I want to set a close button on that slide so they can click and then go back to the menu slide. I also want the picture/text on the menu page to change to show they have already viewed it and click another until they have read all the slides, and that once they have completed all the picture/text the ">" next button will show. Any help? Thanks.


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Walt Hamilton

Check the mixed Navigation in the sample at this post:
It does exactly what you are describing. It has four buttons that take the learner to different slides, and when they are all visited, a button appears that can have any trigger on it you want  (or make the > button Normal state.). In the restricted navigation, the four buttons appear in order, only after the previous one is visited.